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ZeroEmpire is the creative outlet for musician & producer Mark Grant.  

Mark is a guitarist and recording enthusiast who is not tied down to any one musical style or genre. Instead, he takes what comes naturally from a lifelong love of music and melds it into one cohesive sonic palette. The end result is music as diverse as it is powerful!


Mark has also ventured into the video & photography world, mainly shooting automotive & Motorsports videos. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for the latest videos.

ZeroEmpire released "Relix & Revolutions in 2018 This was Marks first instrumental album where he not only played the instruments and composed the music, but also recorded, mixed, mastered & produced the album.

ZeroEmpire was originally a group of hard working friends dedicated to realizing the dream of creating a full length album of original music.  They accomplished that goal with the release of their self produced debut album "Tearing Down the World" in 2016 featuring Josh Whiteside (Vocals), Rob Brindle (Drums), Chad Clement (Bass) and Mark Grant (Guitars).  



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